What are the best exercises for your class?

Should you teach in or out of the water?

How will you motivate your class?

We understand these questions because we face them each time we face the pool. And like the necessity of the workout, there is no substitution for direct, hands on learning and application. That is why we provide the following to assist your professional development:

Free Workouts

Learn effective teaching strategies while enjoying the fitness and fellowship of free master workout classes

Training Discounts

Earn CEC’s for less with discounted workshops and early bird registration for third-party events

Job Opportunities

Search the latest DFW job openings for aquatic fitness instructors (aerobics, pilates, yoga, strength, swimming)

Community Support

Find answers to questions and concerns through our growing network of aquatic professionals

Our Mission

“To provide an opportunity for professionals in the field of aquatics to share knowledge and promote health and fitness through safe and effective water activities.”

Established in 1989 as a resource for water fitness instructors, MAAP continues to serve the needs of the Dallas/Fort Worth aquatics community through its many programs and collective experience. New to the Metroplex? Hoping to become certified? Need advice on buying the right gear? Looking for a sub to lead your next class? Whatever your situation, if it involves water fitness, we can help. So take advantage of our growing professional network by joining today.

We’re Here to Help

If you have any questions or comments regarding MAAP, calendar events or aquatic job openings, please let us know.