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To borrow DVD’s or videos contact:
Amos Maxie

Julie Twynham
D101 Awesome Abdominals
D103 Shallow H2O Workout
D104 Tai Chi Fitness
D105 Advanced Deep H2O
D106 Fit Band Workout
D107 Deep H2O Workout
D108 Deep H2O Noodles
D109 Senior’s “Fun”ctional Fitness
D110 Advanced Muscles & Noodles

Jeff Howard
D111 The Spa Workout

Terri Mitchell
D116 Stretch Fusion
D117 Aqualogical Abdominals

Craig Stuart
D118 Pore It to the Core
D119 H2O Power Plunge
D120 Deep Training Max
D121 Deep Sport Conditioning

Pauline Ivens
D122 Choreography for the Core
D123 Strengthening the Core
D124 Deep 124
D125 Do No Harm

Stephanie Theilen
D126 Aqua Anthology
D127 Triple Play: Aquatic Total-Body Conditioning

Karen Westfall
D128 Senior Splash

Other DVDs
D129 Aqua Add-It
D130 Aquatic Endings
D131 Aquatic Pyramids
D132 Deep Triads


Lawrence Biscontini
V102 “O” Aquatic Balance Training
V113 Hydro Yo-Chi

Carol Argo
V103 Aqua Pilates

Connie Warasila
V110 Nautical Noodles

Pauline Ivens
V111 Analyze It, Add H2O, Strengthen It

Jeff Howard
V112 Aquatic Program for Special Populations