It was Kathe Kelley-Brigg’s idea

She was at an AEA regional workshop in 1989 when she asked all those who might be interested in a local professional organization to meet afterwards at the side of the pool. About 50 people expressed an interest!  An organizational meeting was held in November 1989 and it was attended by 14 people. Some of the topics they decided to cover in future meetings included safety, special populations, marketing, aquatic apparel, new aquatic techniques, music, liability insurance, nutrition, exercise physiology, exercise testing, and physical therapy. By 1992 MAAP had a mailing list of 120 people and a mission statement:

“To provide an opportunity for professionals in the field of aquatics to share knowledge and promote health and fitness through safe and effective water activities.”

Today MAAP continues to support the aquatic fitness community by actively sharing information and networking opportunities through continuing education trainings, master workouts and e-mail notices.

Join us as we make waves.


President – Toni Shaw
The President conducts the Board meetings and works closely with the other Board members to keep the Association running smoothly.

First Vice President Responsible for Membership – Chris Alexander
The First Vice President keeps membership records, sends out renewal notices, and collects membership dues.

Second Vice President Responsible for Website – Chris Alexander
The Second Vice President keeps the website updated and sends out email notices to keep members informed about events.

Secretary – Carolyn Martinez
The secretary takes the minutes at the Board meetings.

Treasurer – Jeanne Steffen
The Treasurer maintains records of MAAP funds and the MAAP online store, and reimburses Board members for expenses incurred on behalf of MAAP.

Social Media – Carolyn Martinez
The social media chairperson manages the MAAP Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Continuing Education Training Chairperson – Rotha Crump
The CET Chairperson plans and implements continuing education trainings offering AEA CECs.

Master Workout Chairperson – Angela Wood
The Master Workout Chairperson plans and implements Master Workouts.

Members at Large – Walton Walker, Lynn Dorn 
Members at Large assist the Board in decision making and in planning and implementing events.